The participant's badge can be obtained by scanning the QR Code sent to you by mail during registration.
How do I get a participant's badge?
Example of a massage
When receiving a badge of another participant, you must have his/their personal QR-code.
How do I get a badge for another participant/group of participants?
Where can I get a badge?
There is NO need to accredit transport to the event, entry is free
Participants can park their car in the zones: P5, P6, P7.

Parking for guests of honor: P1.
Accreditation of transport
*Exchange is carried out only in cash currency
Dear foreign participants of the Russia-China forum

For your convenience, at the airport named after Gabdulla Tukay and the Korston Hotel will host Ak Bars Bank ATMs, where forum participants will be able to withdraw cash rubles from their cards of the Union Pay payment system. The conversion rate is set by the payment system.
*Please note that no payment system works on the territory of the Russian Federation, except for the MIR and Union Pay payment systems. Accordingly, forum participants will not be able to use their cards based on VISA and MasterCard payment systems either in ATMs or in terminal devices.
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