Chinese envoy says relations with Russia are developing steadily

Despite the difficult situation in the world, relations between Russia and China are steadily developing, said Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui.

“Now our cooperation in today's very complicated environment although subjected to certain difficulties, of course, difficulties in mutual settlements as well, but despite this our relations have a stable and predictable nature, we hope that the development will continue, it will be mutually beneficial, it will be rapid,” said Zhang Hanhui.

The envoy noted that it is necessary to find all potential opportunities for cooperation between the two countries and let them develop.

China-Russia trade turnover for 2023 grew 26.3% to a record 240.11 billion dollars. The leaders of Russia and China earlier set a goal to double trade turnover, bringing it from 100 billion dollars a year in 2018 to 200 billion by 2024, a figure reached in November 2023.

Source: RIA