The forum was not limited to the business program alone. In the center of the pavilion where the exhibition was held, there was a Youth Festival zone, which was a real mix of Russian-Tatar-Chinese culture. During the day folk songs in three languages were performed here, and a Tatar-Chinese Sabantui was held. In this zone it was possible to take part in various master classes: Chinese tea ceremony, calligraphy, creation of figures from paper.

Fans of intellectual games could compete in Go, a game that originated in ancient China. The essence of the game is to enclose a larger territory on the board with stones of one's color than the opponent.

An exhibition of paintings was waiting for the guests in the hall - their theme was also Tatar-Chinese. In the evening, avid theatergoers could enjoy a play based on the work of a Chinese playwright, and movie buffs could visit films by Chinese directors.

Source: KazanFirst