Mr. Igor Fomin
Mr. Igor Fomin
Federation Council Member of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Dear participants and guests of the VI Summit of Russia-China Tourism Forum! 

My warmest greetings to you all at the important business platform where all the representatives of the tourism industry organizations interested in the development of Russia-China cooperation in the sphere of tourism can discuss the actual questions concerning the tourism exchange between Russia and China.

China today is the very country, which in many ways forms the face of global tourism, bringing new practice of work with the flows of organized tourist groups and individuals to the world. Russia takes the important part in this trend being one of the three European countries mostly visited by Chinese citizens, and being one of the headliners for China on incoming tourism.

Mutual tourist flows between Russia and China recently have been increasing greatly, in these conditions the active support of this trend by the controlling government authorities, Russian and international tourism organizations is being particularly needed. The closer cooperation between all the companies and organizations of the hospitality sphere in the territory of Russia and China is also necessary. In this aspect the VI Summit of the Russia-China Tourism Forum is a unique communication platform to hold the substantive practical dialogue where the business community, tourism authorities and the industry experts discuss all the aspects of the functioning and development of the tourist program not only a year ahead but as well in the medium-term.

I wish all the participants of the Summit the effective work, interesting business dialogue and further success.

Igor Fomin

Mr. Boris Titov
Mr. Boris Titov
Chairman of the Russia-China Committee of friendship, peace and development

Dear participants, guests and organizers of the VI Summit of Russia-China Tourism Forum! 

Greetings on behalf of the Russia-China Committee of friendship, peace and development to all the participants of the VI Summit of Russia-China Tourism Forum, which for the sixth year is a platform for the engaging dialogue between the tourism industry community and business of Russia and China.

The level of mutual trust between the two countries is rising with each year due to widening the contacts in the sphere of tourism, special attention, which is paid to the hospitality infrastructure in China and Russia, visa formalities facilitation, enhancing the opportunities to use Chinese payment systems at the territory of Russia, introduction of e-visas and tax-free, starting new airline routes between the countries, flexible pricing policy and many other factors.

Previous V Russia-China Tourism Forum defined the development vectors, which were practiced during 2017. It is obvious that the statistics of this year will give a considerable growth in the number of Chinese tourists’ arrivals to Russia. New regional routes are being actively developed for the Chinese guests, artic tourism is becoming a separate trend, and the number of the information resources about our country in Chinese language is constantly growing. 

This year the meeting of the representatives of the tourism industries of the two countries is held with the business program of the reputable International Exhibition “Intourmarket-2018”. This undoubtedly reflects the undeniable fact of significant contribution of the Chinese segment to the development of Russia’s tourism industry.

The potential of the mutual tourist flows between Russia and China is not limited yet and the perspectives of cooperation in this sphere are great. Professionals of the market, tourism authorities of the two countries and hospitality business community need more coordinated work not only on increasing the mutual tourist flows but also for solving the problems of economic return from fast-growing sphere of Russia-China tourism.

Let me wish all the participants of the Summit to have an interesting and useful discussion in all the sessions of it, as well as success in realization the strategies worked out during the event.

Boris Titov
Chairman of the Russia-China Committee of friendship, peace and development

Oleg Safonov
Oleg Safonov
Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism

Greetings to participants of the VI Summit of Russia-China Tourism Forum, to professionals of the travel market, representatives of public organizations in the sphere of tourism, executive authorities and mass media.

Tourism plays and important role in the relationships between Russia and China. China is among the leaders in incoming tourist flow into our country. The number of the Chinese tourists visiting the Russian Federation as tourists is constantly growing. As per 9 months of 2017, the number of Chinese citizens’ trips to Russia comprised about 1.3 million trips, which is 16% higher than the same amount of trips of the previous year.

Such dynamics are due to the visa regime, as starting from 2000, the Memorandum of mutual visa-free group tourist trips between Russia and China. Also these dynamics are due to adaptation of services for Chinese tourists within the project “China Friendly”, being one of the parts of the complex program “Russian hospitality”, preparation of qualified guides-interpreters to service the tourist groups led by the Federal Agency for Tourism, setting up a call-center for Chinese tourists, as well as realization of other measures directed at creating maximum favorable conditions for Chinese tourists visiting Russia.

The growth in the number of trips from China to Russia and backwards, as well as the further development of cooperation in the sphere of tourism brings us new challenges connected with quality increase and safety of the services for tourists, widening the geography of tours over the territories of the two countries for Russian and Chinese citizens according to their needs and interests.

The meaningful dialogue, opinions exchange and positive experience exchange between all the interested sides is needed to solve these tasks.

During six years of its existence, the Summit has proven itself as an effective platform to develop such dialogue, to promote business linkages and strengthening partnership between the government authorities and travel business representatives of Russia and China.

I wish to organizers and participants of the Summit productive meetings, interesting discussions and achievement of the desired objectives!

Oleg Safonov

Eleonora Mitrofanova
Eleonora Mitrofanova
Head of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo)

Dear participants, organizers and guests of the VI Summit of Russia-China Tourism Forum!

On behalf of Rossotrudnichestvo I am glad to welcome everyone gathering at this important for tourism industry discussion platform.

Strategic partnership of Russia and China today is not only a high level of international cooperation, but as well close ties of the two great nations in different spheres of humanitarian exchange. Cross-cultural communication between our countries speak volumes about great mutual interest, and tourism as personal communication means plays the leading role here.

The questions of promotion Russia as the country attractive for visiting by foreign tourists are important not only for domestic tourism sector. Often a trip to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yarolsavl or Ekaterinburg becomes an inclusion to Russian culture. More and more people in China study Russian language professionally, interacting actively with Russian Cultural Center in Beijing. Within Russia-China relationships, precisely tourism is the clear example of successful intercivilizational dialogue, and the impact of this “soft-power” cannot be overemphasized.

I wish the VI Summit of Russia-China Tourism Forum and all its participants fruitful deliberations, new and useful meetings and effective decisions in all the spheres of interaction of tourism community of our countries!